Southport Dance Academy

The theatre of today, in whatever form, has an enormous influence over developing minds. Whether your child wants to perform on stage or on television, or just wants a fun hobby, they will be given every opportunity at 'The Southport Dance Academy'.

One of the main objectives of our school is to provide your child with opportunities to expand and develop in a safe friendly atmosphere. In time you will see things in your child you may never have seen before!

Having our own premises, we are able to offer a wide range of tuition six days a week - Toddlers and Baby Ballet, Hip-Hop, Streetdance, Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, American Cheerleading, Riverdance, Stagecraft, Drama, Musical Theatre, Choreography and Pointe.

All children are offered the opportunity to partake in exam sessions, festivals and shows.

We're proud of the confidence, enjoyment and excitement we instil in our students and can't wait for you to share our enthusiasm!

Elizabeth Kendrick (Principal) F.I.D.T.A.   A.A.D.A.   Examiner Lecturer Adjudicator

Children's University - we are now a learning destination.

Exciting new timetable!

Covid-19 Safety Video : Rules and Regulations for Returning Safely to SDA